Connect with the Family: Cory

Yesterday Michelle shared about Cory on the body shop blog. The lazy part of me was inspired to steal it, sprinkle a little salt on it and make Cory the subject of this week’s Connect with the Family blog. 🙂 Here’s what Michelle shared: Hello friends, it’s me Michelle, your smiling receptionist at Harry Robinson… Read More Connect with the Family: Cory

Test Drive Tuesday: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited

Here’s the link to this awesome 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. I like driving it. I could use one at my beach house in my dreams. 🙂 And…Here’s the cheapest gas around Fort Smith today. Please call or email me with questions Alyssa 479-629-2705 And..Don’t forget You’re Awesome! Have a great day.

This Mom’s Alternative to the Mini-(ugh)-van recently made a list of Top 10 Vehicles for Moms Who Hate Minivans. Among the choices on the list were the GMC Acadia and the Ford Escape. As an actual real-life anti-minivan mom, I feel inspired to share some of my own picks. The “needs LOTS of space” mom The “Lovin’ Luxury” mom The… Read More This Mom’s Alternative to the Mini-(ugh)-van