Fast 15: Alexis Durham Brown

Congratulations to Alexis Brown, customer experience manager for both Harry Robinson Buick GMC & Sallisaw Ford. She has been honored by Talk Business & Politics as a member of their 2021 Fast 15 class.… Read More Fast 15: Alexis Durham Brown

Women’s History Month: Charlotte Bridgwood & Florence Lawrence

The first movie star, the turn signal, and the future of automotive. #womeninautomotive #ChooseToChallenge #womenshistory … Read More Women’s History Month: Charlotte Bridgwood & Florence Lawrence

Women’s History Month: Mary Barra

As a woman in automotive & a huge advocate for female leadership, I’m excited about the first woman I’m featuring, Mary Barra. Ms. Barra is not only an amazing female leader in a male-dominated industry; her leadership style is feminine and powerful. Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors. General Motors was the first — and remains the only — automaker to be led by a female CEO. GM is one of only two Fortune 500 companies with women in CEO and CFO positions. Six of the 11 members of the board of directors are women. Ms. Barra is famous at GM for her inclusive leadership style & has been known to have “town hall” type meetings to seek input on projects. She has been praised for creating an inclusive environment where employees feel they can voice their opinions. She’s increased efficiency in some very creative ways. She cultivates a culture where departments work together when they had previously never done so. This style of leadership has produced highly effective teams. She is both a breath of fresh air & a force to be reckoned with. … Read More Women’s History Month: Mary Barra

HRBG Women in Automotive

We are proud Women in Automotive ❤ We made a video encouraging women to join us working in the automotive industry. *it was rainy-hence the hair 😂 *its Arkansas, what can ya do 🤷‍♀️ Some of the great advantages of joining the automotive industry are its Fun, you get to work with cars 😍, you don’t need a… Read More HRBG Women in Automotive

CBI Team Fort Smith, Meet Renee Durham

Source: CBI Team Fort Smith Rachel Todd  December 7, 2017   Community Influencer Renee Durham We are continuing our CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley blog series on local Community Influencers. Meet Renee Durham, General Manager of Harry Robinson Buick GMC. Renee has been in the automotive industry since 1996. She has a bachelors degree from UALR and… Read More CBI Team Fort Smith, Meet Renee Durham