Totally Totaled.

So last time we “spoke” I was telling you about my accident experience. (Pt1, Pt2, Pt 3) and I also left you with the hope that my next post would be my “after” pics.  Well, that’s not gonna happen! The insurance company called and said that they would just settle with a check because of the fact that, as it turns out, my car needed new everything on one side. That combined with the mechanical work and it was a total loss. Since I really loved my Buick, I hadn’t ever considered what kind of car I wanted and that’s made it hard on me. Jackie (my salesperson at Harry Robinson Buick GMC), was nice enough to offer to let me drive a car from the lot on my Memorial Day weekend trip. I thought it would be so fun! The month of May has not been too kind to me, and that car was damaged in an accident as well. Seriously! It looks awful, my insurance company is gonna hate me now, and I’ve already been called “Crash” here at work today! I’ve got to be thankful because no one was hurt at all, and hopefully the repairs will be more minor than they look. This accident was just a freak thing. We were just getting over a little to the right to give a truck a little more room to come around a curve and boom we just fell over in a ditch…that’s pretty much all there is to that story. We’ve all gotten over a bit for someone who’s a little over the line, but this time the ditch caught me and away this car went…sideways into a ditch. I felt like the world hated me at that moment. Now, I’m hoping that with the passing of May will come the passing of my car troubles. I can only hope that my fortune comes true…this one was in my lunch today…You will spend many years in comfort and material wealth.  Sounds like a plan!  the beloved buick

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