Harry’s Body Shop Welcomes Kay Lynn!

Kay Lynn Wilkinson, Body Shop


Harry Robinson’s Body Shop has a new face around the office, and we are so glad to welcome her. Kay Lynn Wilkinson comes to us as a licensed insurance agent with 20 years of sales, service & administrative skills. She’s a native of Van Buren Arkansas and has a son who is a senior at Van Buren High School. I sat down with Kay and asked her to tell me a bit about herself & she handed over her resume. She said, “it’s a mess because I haven’t had to write one of these in 15 years!” I told her that I thought it was pretty great that she had been gainfully employed & wasn’t practiced up on her resume writing skills. She wasn’t excited about “tooting her own horn”. The community projects she participated in at her last place of employment were what she got quite excited talking about. Kay told me how much she enjoyed her activities in the Partners In Education Program (yay us!-we LOVE PIE!). She also worked with the Junior League and several mentoring programs. Speaking about Leadership and Mentoring programs was when she truly lit up. It was fun listening to her tell stories about these times. She is passionate about her service to young people. We are so happy to have her here in our Body Shop and can’t wait to have her help out with our community projects! We are super excited to get to know her & have her in our little family.

(If you are ever involved in an accident, please give us a chance to do your auto body and service work.  The insurance companies cannot tell you which body shop you can use. It’s the law; they don’t tell you that, but they have no control over which body shop you can take your vehicle to. I just wanted to throw that knowledge in there. So many don’t know it, I didn’t know it, and now that I do know I like to spread that knowledge!)

Welcome Kay Lynn to Harry’s Body Shop!

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