Women Choose Harry Robinson Buick GMC

Women Choose Harry Robinson Buick GMC!

by Delia Passi, CEO of WomenCertified, Inc.

Harry Robinson Buick GMC, women have spoken and because they have resoundingly endorsed Harry Robinson Buick GMC, the dealership has earned the Women’s Choice Award for Outstanding Customer Experience by WomenCertified®. This honor is a result of Harry Robinson Buick GMC’ continual commitment by all levels of leadership and staff to give women and all customers a concierge level of service and it has paid off! Harry Robinson Buick GMC is the only Buick GMC dealership in Arkansas to receive this award.

Women are a force to be reckoned with in today’s economy. In 2010, Time magazine referred to it as the Sheconomy because of women’s spending power. Did you know that women in Arkansas are opening businesses at twice the rate of men? Or that more women than men are graduating from our local colleges? Or that more women than men are employed by our local businesses? Women purchase 51% of all new cars and influence the purchase of 85% or more. With their increasingly important role in the economy, it is imperative for every business to strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience to women and to men.

WomenCertified, a Hollywood, Florida based international company, has been an advocate for the best possible consumer experience for women for the past decade. We have worked with businesses, large and small, across the continent to help them serve their customers with a level of attention, respect and consideration that meets the high standards of women. And when you meet the needs of women you will exceed the needs of men in the process.

We partnered with the Wharton School’s Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative to conduct the first ever gender based retail study, entitled “Men Buy, Women Shop.” The study revealed that men and women experience shopping entirely differently. According to Wharton researchers, “Women think of shopping in an inter-personal, human fashion and men treat it as more instrumental. It’s a job to get done.” What applies to shoes, applies to automobiles.

In addition to guiding dealer personnel in how to give men and women the experience that works best for them, WomenCertified established the Women’s Choice Award for Outstanding Customer Experience in order to identify those dealerships that have excelled in meeting the needs of their women customers, The award is based on a survey conducted with the dealership’s female customers and Harry Robinson Buick GMC received one of the highest recorded scores amongst dealerships across the nation for excellence in customer experience.

So what does this mean for you? It means that you can expect an extraordinary experience when you shop for a vehicle at a dealership that earns the Women’s Choice Award. We are excited to have such an exceptional example of customer service in our backyard. Congratulations, Harry Robinson Buick GMC.


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