Thank You Carla!

My name is Carla Harrison and I have purchased 5 vehicles from Harry
Robinson Buick GMC in Fort Smith. Before purchasing from Harry
Robinson I have had horrible experiences just down right nightmares
with car dealerships… from the sales staff all the way to the
finance department. I have had sales people take my keys and refuse
to give them back. The first vehicle I purchased from Harry Robinson
was a 2007 Pontiac G6. It was an awesome car but I am not really a
car person I like SUV’s. So I drove the car for about 14 months then
traded in for a 2008 Pontiac Torrent. I drove the Torrent for about 4
years and in May of this year traded for a 2012 GMC Terrain. (I have
also bought my daughter 2 cars from here. A 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
which was her first car and it was fully loaded, one owner and a great
car. In December 2011 I bought her a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu which she
is now driving). On Sunday afternoon before Memorial Day I called
Harry Robinson and spoke to Pam Thompson and I told her what I had to
trade in and what I would like to trade for, how much payment I could
pay and wanted sales tax paid. She told me to call her back in about
30 minutes. So when I called her back she wanted to know how soon I
could get there. I live in Waldron so I said I am leaving right now.
When I got there it was the first time I had ever met Pam she was so
kind and she had several Terrains lined up for me to choose from. I
picked the color I liked best and took it for a test drive. I
absolutely fell in love with it. But when I got in it and seen it had
a backup camera I told my husband there is no way we can afford this!
Little did I know it was standard and not something extra I had to pay
for. Bluetooth Hands Free is also standard in the Terrains. These
two options are just awesome! I absolutely love everything about my
2012 GMC Terrain. It is really an awesome driving vehicle and it gets
excellent gas mileage. I have got up to 36 miles per gallon on the
highway and that is truly amazing! I really do get a lot of
compliments on it. A few weeks ago I was at a Simply Tasteful Party
and when this lady came in the house where I was she asked if that was
my Terrain. I said yes and she asked me if she could look at it and I
very proudly took her outside and had her to get in so I could show
her the backup camera (off course) and opened all the doors so she
could see front to back. She loved it so much as a matter of fact she
went to Harry Robinson the next day and just happened to talk to Pam
and she is now the proud owner of a 2012 GMC Terrain. (And I am $50.00
richer for referring her)!!

My experience with buying from Harry Robinson has always been a very
pleasant one from the sales person to the finance department and then
later to the service department. I remember the first time we bought
from Harry Robinson I could not believe how smooth everything went and
that I was actually getting to buy a vehicle without all that hassle.
Pam is truly an awesome sales person she has a great personality and
is so caring. Two days after I bought my Terrain my niece was killed
in a car accident and Pam called more than once to check on my well
being and to give me her condolences. I was in the service department
last Thursday to get my vehicle serviced and I was talking to Pam
about some thing going on in my life. She listened to me and talked
to me and made me feel better about the situation. Since then she has
called a few times to see if things are better for me. Not only is
she a caring sales person she is very caring much beyond her job. I
thank her from the bottom of my heart for her concern.

On a very exciting note… when I was at Harry Robinson last Thursday
they took a photo of me and my Terrain to advertise on a billboard. A
few weeks after I bought my Terrain Pam called and said since I had
purchased 5 vehicles from them.. they wanted to take a photo of me and
my vehicle to place on a billboard. At first I just laughed and
besides I hate to have my picture taken! But that afternoon they took
a photo of me and my Terrain and I really do love the photo!! It
turned out really good!! So now my photo is on 3 billboards in Fort
Smith. On Zero by Regions Bank, Old Greenwood Road and Phoenix, and
Rogers Ave. by Cooper Clinic. It is really exciting and I have been
telling everybody about it.

Thanks.. Pam and all Harry Robinson staff you are all truly a
spectacular group of people!!! I recommend you all very highly to


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