Getting to Know the Window Sticker

I thought I would take a minute just to show you specifically what is included on the window sticker of the new Buick & GMC’s found here at Harry Robinson Buick GMC.buick info
Model Information-this simply tells you general information about the vehicle. What color it is, what the trim level is, what year it is, etc.
Standard Equipment-this will tell you what features come standard in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).
Warranty Information-basic Warranty information with notes of any roadside assistance or maintenance programs which may be included.MPG
Optional Equipment– you see what “extras” are included with your vehicle. This will include things like special packages and system upgrades like navigation etc.
Pricing Information-This section breaks down the basic price of the vehicle plus any installed options, packages etc.
Parts Content Information– tells you where your vehicle was assembled.
Total Price-total MSRP for the vehicle. Depending on demand for the car, sometimes the “sticker price” is a fair price for the car and sometimes it’s just a starting point.
Fuel Economy Label-(or EPA label)-gives you the estimated fuel efficiency. This makes it easy to colacrosse safety ratings mpare MPG of each vehicle you are considering.
QR Code-scanning this code, with a smart phone scanner like ScanLife, will take you to the EPA website. *(Also, if you scan the QR codes on our used vehicle window sticker it will take you to a vehicle information page. That page has more information about the vehicle including price. You can also make an inquiry about the vehicle thru that page.)
Safety RatingsNHTSA tests vehicles every year and gives them star ratings based on the results. My mom and I both have Buick’s, both of my last 2 vehicles have been, and we have gotten really great insurance discounts simply because we chose Buick. Buick has fantastic safety ratings. As a matter of fact, my mom’s insurance discount was so big when she purchased a brand new Verano that all together she was paying Less for her brand new Buick than she was for her 2007 Toyota Rav 4.

You can find window stickers for our new vehicles on the internet as well. They are on the vehicle overview page for each new vehicle. If you every have any questions about a vehicle or are interested in a test drive please call, text (479-629-2705) or email ( Alyssa.  12-17-2012 2-24-49 PM

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