March During March

march during marchOur wellness program here is ran by Alyssa, and she does such a great job! This month we are doing a March During March. We are getting to put our Harry Robinson pedometers to good use! The Harry Robinson employee who has the most logged steps in March will be declared the winner of a 3 month membership at World Class Fitness, 3 months of tanning, a duffel bag and lot of healthy goodies. The second place winner will get a $25 gift card from Old Fashioned Foods, a fitness mat, work out ball and healthy goodies. Third place will receive a water bottle (the kind everyone really wants!) and healthy goodies too.

Cutie Taryn rockin' the pedometer!
Cutie Taryn rockin’ the pedometer!

All great prizes. It’s so awesome to be a part of a company who values the health of it’s employees. So far, the people who work at a desk (that includes Me) are at a disadvantage. The people in service and detail are getting like nine thousand something steps and I’ve not hit 5,000 yet. *disclaimer (or excuse-tomato/tomato) I had to drive around all weekend so I haven’t been able to get a lot of steps in BUT, I have a plan. I shall join a zumba class tonight! 🙂

Our cute pedometers :)
Our cute pedometers 🙂

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