Calculate The Estimated Fuel Cost Of Your Trip

6-26-2013 12-55-46 PM

Such a handy tool! I am road tripping in the very near future & I wanted to know what to expect to pay for fuel. This website ( was great. It’s simple and fast. The only issue I had was that you don’t enter your city, you find your closest city. I chose Little Rock, AR figuring that it would calculate a little over so when I budget I’ll have a bit of a cushion. Hopefully, you find it helpful too!

Here’s my search results. I’m taking my awesome 2011 Buick Regal. <–(not mine, but closest we have on site to use as an example.)

6-26-2013 1-33-42 PM

By road tripping my family is saving around $1,000! I’ll take that any day. It’s going to be a long drive, but hey, at least my 15 year old has her permit! 🙂

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