Don’t Overlook Something Great!

veranoI don’t think people give Buick enough consideration. Everyone I know who has given Buick a chance has feel in love. I got my first Buick when I was looking for an SUV to haul my kids around in, and found an excellent Rendezvous. I asked my dad, the car guy in the family, what he thought. He highly recommended Buick as a great American vehicle. I took his advice and fell in love with my Buick SUV. I now have a Regal which is my car-mate. We can’t be soul mates because of the whole lack of a soul in a car thing, so we’re car-mates. (Cause I have a car & it IS a car). My mom bought a Verano and she thinks that thing is her new baby! A few of my favorite things about the Verano are the nice smooth ride, the stereo system, the hands free calling, how quiet it is, rear vision camera, and remote start (that comes in really handy & I wish I had it). I say all of that to preface my point which is, I truly believe that if more people gave their consideration to Buick it would be a top choice. It’s the perfect option for a lot of people I know. People who want nice things, but don’t want to pay more for a “luxury” vehicle. That’s another thing, people don’t think of Buick as a luxury brand, and that would change too, if more people were getting into them. Seeing is believing! It’s obviously a great choice for those looking for highly safety rated options. And lastly, they are so good looking! I have great appreciation for things that just look great & Buick’s look awesome. Check out this Moment of Truth site with tons of views & opinions from shoppers, experts, and owners. When you make the decision to give Buick a try give us a call or text Alyssa 479-629-2705 or email her You will be glad you did.


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