2014 Sierra Product Knowledge Competition

Jackie, Caleb & Ben went toe to toe in our 2014 GMC Sierra product knowledge competition. Caleb came out swinging and knew pretty much everything there was to know about the all new Sierra. Jackie went second and laid it on us! She knew literally, I think, Everything about the Sierra. Our General Motors District Sales manager said she taught him a few things! Ben went last & although he did an awesome job too, they named Jackie the winner. They then shared a few words with us reinforcing our belief that it’s about our relationship with the customer. To us it’s not about getting the sale quick or making the most money it’s about a lifelong relationship we build with the customer.

Some of my favorite things about the all new Sierra are the headlights, the technology, the looks, the tailgate (it goes up with a finger touch!), there are steps in the back so you can step up and see in the bed, there are lights in the bed, and there’s a huge amount of space inside the truck. It has to be my all time favorite model update. It looks so good & it’s got everything you could want in a truck, except for J. Lo and Sandra Bullock (someone on Facebook pointed that out 🙂 ). I call it “the boss’s truck”, because it has something about it that says, “I’m in charge.”

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