I’m Back!

It was pretty exciting for me to see the new video Alyssa made for us. Our old “about us” video was outdated. The new one is very “us”.

I went on vacation. 🙂 I’m back! I had a great time watching my boys play some baseball & I’m happy to be back. My husband and I have teased that we need a vacation from our vacation.

The gas prices in Texas, Kansas & Oklahoma hung right around $3.30 a gallon. In Denver it was close to $3.50. Here’s Fort Smith’s lowest gas prices now:

jul 22 fort smith gas prices


Arlington, Texas was 104 when we left, and when we rolled up to Monument, CO it was 62 degrees. I get cold easy so I wasn’t too excited about it being 62 all week. It ended up being just right with jeans and a tee shirt other than Saturday when I had to wear shorts. It was hot that day!

I just wanted to say thanks for being awesome & I hope you have an opportunity to go visit some awesome places this summer too. I would also like to thank the guys at AutoNation Park Meadows Buick GMC for fixing the seat on my Buick Regal. It was stuck in the forward position. My husband looked hilarious driving…he didn’t think so, but he did!

Here’s some vacation pics for my friends. If we aren’t friends yet, let’s be!

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