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And maybe a little of last week too! We gave away a Yeti Cooler on our facebook page. Scott wanted to see how many people were interested in Yeti’s since he’s thinking about doing a month where we give you one if you buy a vehicle from us (but you didn’t hear that from me 😉 ). Well, I’d say there were a “few” interested folks. We ended up with 3,797 entries in 22 days.
Congratulations to our winner, Kyle Crawford!
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This month we are giving away $250 in back to school cash. We are doing that one through KFSM. <– there’s the link.

Free Gas Friday was great, and I’ll get to it, but first I must talk about the funniest stinkin’ Test Drive Tuesday the VIP guys have ever made! It cracks me up on sooo many levels. It’s so ridiculous it’s priceless. I’ll stop so you can watch 😉

Yesterday was the Fort Smith Public School Partners in Education kick off conference. The other schools & partners got to learn more about the mentoring programs already in place in several schools & those of us who have mentored for a few years got to learn a lot of new things. We received training from Jamie & Anna from Boy with a Ball.
1795675_697214443666480_8972802046581154365_nThose guys know a lot about mentoring kids in the most helpful & effective ways possible. It was good to hear from them. On Wednesday we were invited to a pre-conference get together with the other current mentors. They fed us & we got to hang out and share ideas. The highlight for Alyssa was getting to meet & talk with Anna & Jamie. Her organization, Fikisha, has consulted with them for a while now & she was so excited to finally got to meet them in person. (here’ more about Alyssa’s organization and mentoring.)

And yes, we had another awesome Free Gas Friday winner, Lance.

Today is Friday, again. Alyssa’s gone and given away more gas money, but I haven’t seen the video yet. I’ll share it next week or you can check our youtube channel because she will probably have it up there pretty soon.

Ok. I can’t NOT say it…Renee & I went to see Tim McGraw last night in concert & it was A Mazing. I’m very tired today! Here’s us enjoying the show.
10405490_10204567762498045_1688621789718950752_nHave an awesome weekend! Do all the fun things! 🙂

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule a test drive or service please call or text 479-289-5418 & one of our VIP staff members will be happy to help you.


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