Fort Smith’s Cheapest Gas Today

Before we get to gas prices, I would like to thank everyone who donated gifts or money to area foster kids. We wrapped up Sierra Full of Joy 2 yesterday since DHS likes to have the gifts early. All donations are going to Megan of The Call & Ashley of Children’s Emergency Shelter. (I’ll have a blog up about that asap). 🙂

Oh, also please check out the blog series, 12 Days of Giving, by Mason Kesner. Here’s a few awesome reasons to follow:
1. It’s a LOCAL guide to giving. Fort Smith & the River Valley local. We Love that!
B. There’s a chance Jon, myself and a special 4 wheeled guest will be mentioned one of those 12 days.
3rdly. Mason is Awesome & you should be reading his blog anyway. 🙂

Ok…gas prices…

cheapest gas


dec 3 14


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