Sierra Full of Joy 2

This year for Sierra Full of Joy we are collecting gifts for the children of The CALL & The Children’s Emergency Shelter. Sierra Full of Joy is our yearly donation drive. Last year was our first year, and it was a huge success. We have a GMC Sierra sitting on the showroom floor waiting to be… Read More Sierra Full of Joy 2

Sierra Full of Joy Kickoff Event

Success! We had an awesome time doing the Sierra Full of Joy kickoff event last week. Luckily, we got it kicked off before the bad weather hit us later in the week. We ended up having to get out of here early on Thursday, and many of us didn’t make it back at all for… Read More Sierra Full of Joy Kickoff Event

Sierra Full of Joy!

We are so excited about our holiday donation drive “Sierra Full of Joy”! We are going to have a beautiful 2014 GMC Sierra parked on the showroom floor throughout the holiday season. The plan is to fill the bed of it up with Coats, Diapers, Toys, Pet supplies etc. (If we could fill it multiple… Read More Sierra Full of Joy!