Sierra Full of Joy!

sierra full

We are so excited about our holiday donation drive “Sierra Full of Joy”! We are going to have a beautiful 2014 GMC Sierra parked on the showroom floor throughout the holiday season. The plan is to fill the bed of it up with Coats, Diapers, Toys, Pet supplies etc. (If we could fill it multiple times that would be even better!).

In partnership with United Way of Fort Smith (we love them so much!-keeping local giving local) we will be taking donations for Crisis Intervention Center, Esther House & Gateway House. Click on their names to learn a little about who will be receiving the donations.
In Fort Smith, and the surrounding areas of the River Valley there are children with no coats, and there are parents with no hope of getting a present for their child. There are real people right here in our communities that need our help. They need diapers for their children, need toiletries, basic necessities. Let us not forget them this holiday season. 

We didn’t want to leave out our furry friends so we partnered with Cox Media and we’re also taking donations for the Santa’s Claws & Paws campaign benefiting the Sebastian County Human Society. Here’s the link to learn more & a list of supplies needed.

We are going to have a big event day in December to try to get as many donations for these great causes as possible (a good times event–more details later), and we will have the Sierra here all holiday season. So you are welcome to come by anytime & leave a donation! Thanks so much!

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  1. […] Sierra Full of Joy is our yearly donation drive. Last year was our first year, and it was a huge success. We have a GMC Sierra sitting on the showroom floor waiting to be filled with donations. The reason we started Sierra Full of Joy is to help real local people who may not otherwise be able to have a great Christmas. It’s our goal to blow the socks off these kids with awesomeness this Christmas! […]

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