Justin McConnell, Auto Body Technician

Justin McConnell is an auto body technician at Harry Robinson’s Collision Center. He’s a first-rate employee & a hard worker. Sam, Justin’s boss thought it was important for us to recognize him for all he does. In the words of Sam, “at his young age, (Justin) has mastered one of the toughest skilled labor jobs that I know of. He’s a true craftsman in my eyes.” Justin is highly regarded by his managers and his coworkers. We all think he’s pretty great! Here’s a little video we made to help you get to know him…

He’s quite the character & a stand up guy. He fits right in with the crazy boys in the collision center! 🙂

Justin Collage


Thanks Justin for being awesome! We are so glad you are one of us.


If you have had an accident or have any questions about Harry Robinson’s Collision Center please call 479-646-1818, email samm@harryrobinson.com or see our Q&A’s “Had a wreck, now what?“.


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