HRBG (VIP) January Employee of the Month

2015-02-17_14-57-3622We decided it was a great year to start a new program for employees. 🙂 HRBG VIP (Valuable, Inspiring, Positive) Employee of the Month. We took internal nominations via manager email & selected 10 random employees to vote on the nominations.

Here are the nominations:

I would like to nominate Mike Tisevich as employee of the month.  Since he has taken over the Body Shop as the Manager things are running better and I feel like he is trying so hard to do the best job he can.  He works a lot of Hours and I feel  he tries to work with everyone on any situation that occurs throughout the dealership. -Teresa, HRBG Office Manager

Eddie Rozell otherwise known in these parts as (FAST EDDIE). Eddie always shows up for work and is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that things are done right.-Jeremy, HRBG Service Manager

I nominate Rob. He has come a long way, and has excelled with minimum training. I have never had a complaint, and he really goes out of his way for customers. I hope the other departments have seen how far he has come the last year. Nothing would make his day like getting this award. -Mike, HRBG Body Shop Manager

I nominate Randy Jones as my employee of the month. My main reason for nominating Randy is because of his dedication to the dealership as a whole. He has shown on several occasions his loyalty to the whole dealership  not just his department. I can call Randy with a heat  case or trying to escalate a vehicle thru service and he is always pleasant and positive with his response. He is eager to always work us in and keeps me updated with any task I hand him. Randy loves his job and shows leadership qualities that are very valuable for his position. I know when he gets on the job it will be taken care of without concern. He is my nomination because he makes my job easier and everyone else that depends on him.-Scott, HRBG General Sales Manager

Cathy is passionate about every department and the continuous growth of HRBG.  She continues to educate herself and researches to ensure HRBG is ahead of the curve in most social media/web aspects.  Cathy is where the beginning of our employee recognition and events start.  She does the research and initiates the launch of programs throughout every year and then steps back giving leadership all of the recognition for employee focus and gifts. To some people she’s just the Facebook girl, but to the Managers that work with her she is so much more.  She’s an initiator, planner, problem solver, fixer, community involver, employee recognizer, and continuous educator. -Renee, HRBG General Manager (<–awww 🙂 )

I choose to nominate Joey Thomas for his unbelievable ability to out see everyone  else every month. He has broken all sales records here and continues to strive to do more everyday. He works more house than any other salesperson here. He always volunteers to work extra even when we don’t need him too. He is a leader on the floor and a great person. -Skip, HRBG Finance Director

Votes were counted & Randy was the winner hands down! He is phenomenal! He received a trophy (like an oscar 😉 ), the best parking spot, an employee of the month shirt, and a nice meal with his wife on Harry Robinson Buick GMC.


Congratulations to Randy!!! We are so blessed to have you on our team. Thanks for being an awesome part of this #HRBG family!

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