HRBG (VIP) Employee of the Month

April Theresa
The VIP (Valuable, Inspiring, Positive) Employee of the Month program has become one of the highlights of the month for everyone here. Everyone is so excited for the winner and so proud for them it’s just awesome. We’ve only been doing this since January & every time a new winner is announced I’m reminded how very much everyone here loves each other. We are family.
We take nominations from the managers each month & a randomly selected committee votes to see who wins. The committee is very scientifically chosen by drawing names of of a bucket. 🙂

Here are this month’s nominees:

  1.  Wayne Williams-sales-My candidate for employee of the month is Wayne (the silent giant) Williams. My reason for this nomination is because of his growth in this business. Wayne had never done sales and has really decided to dedicate himself to his job. If there is ever a question about our inventory he is the one to ask. He has continued to grow his sales and topped it off with his best month ever in April. Wayne will work every hour offered and is always in a good mood. He is a little quiet but always willing to help. If you see Wayne this month just say YUCK!!!!! That’s his favorite word.
  2.  Theresa Couch-Admin. Office: I would like to nominate Theresa Couch. She does a great job keeping all of our departments in order.. From payroll to parts to service ro to body shop tickets to car sales she is able to keep up with everything and triple check us to minimize and correct any mistakes we might have made. I know it goes without saying how much we value her at the dealership but i just thought i would say it. Thank you Theresa for working hard to keep us growing.
  3.  Wayne Williams-sales-I’m going to go ahead and nominate Wayne Williams. He went from selling 2 ½ last month to 14 ½ in the month of April making it the biggest turnaround that i’ve seen. He constantly uses his social media and is getting better every day in understanding how to utilize the tools he has to be successful.
  4.  Tamie Childers-Admin office:-I nominate Tamie Childers because she makes sure everything is done right for the dealership and she is always in a good mood. She’s always there to help if you need anything.



About Theresa, She says she “came with the building”. She has been the office manager here for all of our 31 years in business. She’s a totally rock star, she holds this place together, and she out works us all. She deserves this award so much. She’s can get stuff done let me tell you! She is kind and giving and hard-working & when she needs to be she’s also our BOB. She’s a reader & she loves me so much she lets me borrow books all the time (even when I forget I have them for months at a time & tell her I don’t have them, then come back when I find them and say, is such and such your book? and Did I tell you I don’t have it and I’ve never heard of it? Ok, well, I have it. 🙂 )! I love her!
I wonder if since she’s here before everyone else anyway and always gets front row parking if she would just let me keep parking in the “special” spot?! (just kidding…unless she would then I’d totally take it. js).
I hope you have the best month Theresa! You deserve all the best! Congratulations!!

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