HRBG May VIP Employee of the Month

Mike Tisevich! MIke! 🙂 Mike started out working at HRBG in our service department and soon moved over to the body shop. He was an estimator until this year when he was promoted to body shop manager. Mike has taken over and really done a great job. His department has grown substantially in the time he’s been managing. He is a military veteran & a war hero. He’s an awesome guy, and one of the funniest guys I know. Here’s his bio:

Mike Tisevich, Body Shop Manager
I grew up in Berryville, Arkansas. In 1999, I graduated from North Arkansas College with a degree in Automotive Technology. I also served in the Army National Guard from 1996-2011 and completed two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I earned a Bronze Star for my actions in Iraq. I enjoy competition shooting, studying history and football. I have been married since 2005, and have 4 crazy kids.

Here are all of the deserving nominees:

  1. MIKE ALBERT, PARTS: I nominate Mike Albert because he can tell me the part number of a fender liner for a 1996 cavalier on command. He always helps without complaining.
  2. MIKE TISEVICH, BODY SHOP: Mike Tisevich, I believe that he was an excellent addition to the HRBG Dealership, and I believe that he is exactly what the body shop needed to start the turnaround process. I think that he is an excellent manager and truly cares about his job and the people who work for him.
  3. RICKY MARS, SERVICE: I nominate Ricky from service. Ricky is a pretty laid back lil fella that I’ve never seen get rattled. He is quite a character when you get to know him a little bit. He always goes the extra mile to make sure that new vehicle PDI’s are done efficiently. His quality of work is pretty darn good.
  4. JON SCHUMACHER, FINANCE: I nominate Jon Schumacher. Because he has managed to be successful at everything we have thrown at him. His ability to know the answers about new vehicles is unsurpassed. He has helped make our finance dept grow into the machine we knew it could. He’s a great co worker and an all around nice guy.
  5. AMANDA MENDENHALL, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: I am nominating Amanda Mendenhall. My reason for nominating her is I feel like she could have the most difficult job in the dealership. She always is pleasant with our customers under difficult circumstances. More often than not her calls have someone unhappy on the other end. She is a huge part of our dealership growth by making people happy when they are upset and getting them to give us another chance. As hard as we try we cannot make everyone happy every time but she will always try with a smile.

My favorite thing about EOM was the parking spot & since Mike’s at the body shop it’s not going to be the best spot for him. He has decided to give it away. I’m still patiently waiting to see if he picks me. Well…after a phone call I’ve been informed he would like to give it to our new technician in service, Jeremy, as a welcome to the HRBG family gift. Here’s a still from the instagram video we made when we gave it to him. He was surprised!

Congratulations to Mike & thanks for your hard work and for your giving attitude.

Oh, speaking of growing…
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