So Much Fun Packed Into One Week

So this week has been action packed. We’ve had a great month. Lot’s of vacationing has been going on here & all the while we are just as busy as can be, Thankfully. Firstly, I must say I am so proud of Austin! Here’s the initial story if you missed it. Austin went to Washington D.C. to represent Arkansas at Nationals for FCCLA! And, it’s a darn good thing he made it there too, because he, well here’s what he sent me.. ” I thought I did bad. However, that was not the case. I got gold, and the highest score!” Way to go Austin! We are so proud of you!

Let’s see…Pam got to go to Colorado! Beautiful. Colorful Colorado. 🙂 I (Cathy) am going to colorful Oklahoma 🙂 this weekend for baseball. Seems like everyone who has a lake house has hit the lake house. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

To top off the week Tamie was voted June’s VIP (Valuable, Inspiring, Positive) Employee of the month! We do nominations and then a vote. Tamie has been nominated practically every month. Not only is she a total rock star at title work she is an awesome human being. Everybody loves Tamie! Here’s her nomination for this month:

Tamie Childers, Admin. Office: My nomination for employee of the month is Tamie Childers.  She is a very good title clerk, and she is always  very  nice to her fellow employees and customers. Tamie is always willing to be helpful to anyone who needs help on office matters. She always sings to the office to make us smile …Thank you Tamie for all you do for us.

Congrats Tamie & thanks for being so super awesome.

Also this week, we had a new employee lunch & Alyssa came to visit! Our former internet manager Alyssa left us in November to go on a six month mission to Argentina to serve travelers there. Her mission ended and she is back in California with her parents trying to contemplate her next adventure. They came to Arkansas to visit this week & of course, when she walked through the HRBG door everyone yelled in excitement! We were so overjoyed to see Alyssa. We miss her sunshine sprinkling around here. (after coffee of course lol).

With a stroke of brilliance Creek (Derek Creekmore, Sales person extraordinaire) came up with an awesome idea. One I jumped on board with immediately. He was also nominated for employee of the month and he said why not have a ginger of the month? AH! Yes, there’s an award with little competition. We got Creek, Scott, The Ginger (Brian, yes we literally call him the ginger, we have two Brians…3 if you count BP) and myself who would qualify. I mean we could win quarterly.
Here’s the inaugural Ginger Award with Creek the winner by invention.

Fun week. If you haven’t already follow us on Instagram. It’s a hoot. 🙂 Have an awesome, excellent, exciting, adventurous weekend! I’ll be on vacation next week, so you can expect lots of baseball pics from me. 🙂
<3 -C

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