Why The Call & Children’s Emergency Shelter?


Do you wonder why we choose to make our yearly donation drive benefit the children of The Call & Children’s Emergency Shelter? There’s two huge reasons. To help you more fully understand the first reason, we start with some history. As you may know we are a family business for the most part. Those of us who aren’t “family” are still certainly treated as if we were. 🙂 The Robinson’s and the Durhams have a high population of employees at HRBG. Of course there’s the Robinson crew, Harry (obviously lol), Renee (General Manager), Amanda (Customer Experience Manager) and Sara (Permanent Records). Then we have the Durhams, Scott (General Sales Manager), Jackie (Sales), Tamie (Title Clerk), Derek (Sales), Alexis (Executive Assistant), Skip (Finance Director), and Michelle (Administrative Assistant, Body Shop). Yes, you can say there’s a lot of family here! 🙂 With that being said I can cut to the chase. Scott, Tamie and Jackie along with their brothers spent a good portion of their childhoods in the foster care system. That makes the children in the foster care system and those who have been displaced very near to our hearts. I myself, thankfully, was never in foster care, but I have bounced from home to home and I can tell you even that is tough on a kid. People who have never had to endure foster care or displacement are very blessed for that, and should be thankful*. I’m not trying to tell you how to feel, but there’s a lot to be said for a grateful heart. It’s good for your soul. 🙂 So, that sums up the “why foster/displaced kids” question.

So, why The Call? Why Children’s Emergency Shelter? I have touched on this question in previous posts. Here’s more about The Call and Children’s Emergency Shelter.  For more detail, Chris Ware of The Call, and Ashley Ahlert came by to tell us about their organizations in their own words.

As you can see we have a crisis on our hands here in Sebastian and our surrounding counties. Please take a look at the wishlists and bring your donation to Harry Robinson Buick GMC at 6000 S 36th Street, Fort Smith, AR. If you don’t have time to shop you are welcome to bring cash or gift cards. We will pass those along to the directors.


Thank you for your support!


*True story. Thanksliving.


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