Fort Smith: We Have A Foster Care Crisis

It’s not just Fort Smith, it’s Sebastian, Crawford, Franklin, honestly, the entire state of Arkansas has a foster care crisis. We have too many displaced kids & not enough homes for them. We have kids who have grown up in group homes and foster care who are trying to learn how to become productive adults. We have a lot of families helping, we have an awesome community of capable and loving people. We can make a difference to the lives of A LOT of children and young adults. Here’s an update from Governor Asa Hutchinson on the progress the state is making to help deal with the current foster care crisis. I’m glad to hear the state is endorsing and aiding in the Children’s Emergency Shelter expansion here in Fort Smith.
Hopefully you have heard about our Christmas donation drive, Sierra Full of Joy, benefiting the children of The CALL and Children’s Emergency Shelter. You also may have wondered who exactly these organizations help and what they do. Chris & Ashley came by recently to tell us more about their work taking care of local foster and displaced kids.

You can drop of donations before December 15th at 6000 S 36th St, Fort Smith AR 72908.

Here’s the wish lists:
See Arkansas-Trucks.comfor more info. (2) CES Needs

Thank you so much for extending your giving beyond your loved ones this holiday season!


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