Catching up…

It’s been crazy around here. Between the remodel, planning next years awesomeness, and getting all my ducks in a row for this year, I’ve been letting my updates go. I apologize for that.  The last thing I want to be is inconsistent. I totally dropped the ball with the employee spotlight series, and featuring our employee of the month. I will catch up, I promise!

Well, the last time I did an employee spotlight was in October. I have one saved. I’ll post it very soon I promise. I do so enjoy getting to know people and sharing them with you.

It looks like I’ve neglected to share an emmployee of the month since August. *just shameful. 🙁 Here’s the last few awesome people who have been voted employee of the month.



I’m so proud of everyone who has been voted eom this year, because they are all hard workers, team players, customer helpers, and above and beyond type people. It’s an honor to be counted among them, and  I  appreciate so much the effort of them and also the people who give their nominations to really chose people who represent the best of the best.

We’re doing this month’s EOM today. We’re a little behind schedule on everything, We were supposed to do it Wednesday, but the remodel has some of us a little out of whack. The people who were nominated are patiently waiting to find out if they are the winner. l’ll post on facebook and instagram when we announce.

Let’s see what else can I update you on, Oh, Christmas party was last Saturday. It was a ton o fun. There are pics in our party album on facebook.

Our Christmas donation drive, Sierra Full of Joy, benefiting area foster children was a huge success. Lots of generous folks brought donations by and filled up our Sierra for the 3rd year. The employees also hosted our yearly dessert bar and brought our donations on last Friday. Harry Robinson Buick GMC also matched the cash and gift card donations so both The CALL and Children’s Emergency Shelter would receive the full gift. It’s an honor to work for such a gracious and giving employer, and to be surrounded by good, decent folk everyday.


There are other things I’d like to catch you up on like the remodel, lots of things about the remodel to share. It’s a remodel journey. I’m so appreciative we’re getting to upgrade our 30-year-old building & it’s going so well and so fast it’s unbelievable. I’ve posted more detailed accounts on instagram and snapchat. There’s a lot of interesting things to chronicle going on inside this building now! You should follow us! 🙂

I’d better go, the Chaffin Jr. High Choir will be here in less than 5 minutes to carol us! <3

Thanks for being awesome & We will meet again soon! Very soon. 🙂


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