We Messed Up, We Missed Something, We Apologize, Here’s Why…


You may have heard that over the weekend, unfortunately,  we had a very upset potential customer. I’m not going to mention names or specifics outside of our mistake and what we did to fix it. As soon as us “nerd herd” (internet staff) people found out, we started working on finding the problem and the solution.

Our sales management team discovered on Saturday there was a BIG problem with the internet pricing, so they let Marty, the internet manager know and he uncovered the issue which was that when you click a button on our website called Shop. Click. Drive. the pricing was wrong. It was doubling the discounts. 😱






I’ll tell you what Shop. Click. Drive. is and why we hadn’t noticed the discrepancy in pricing there.
Here’s GM’s explanation:
The service, called “Shop-Click-Drive,” enables consumers to choose a specific vehicle, get estimated pricing, review available incentives, learn about and choose financing and insurance products, get information about their trade-in and apply for financing, all online. The application is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ok, so basically, their explanation doesn’t say what it is. It’s pretty simple to explain it this way,  it’s GM’s “Buy it Now” button, it takes you through the entire process up to signing the paperwork, if you chose to continue thru the program.

Shop. Click. Drive. leaves our website and takes you to a new site, (example: https://deal.shopclickdrive.com/Home/116597-11/1GTV2LEC3HZ163138?refer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.harryrobinsonbuickgmc.com%2F)

Here’s why this is important, Marty, our sweet internet manager, puts in all the rebates and discounts for the website. He/We didn’t know GM/Shop.Click.Drive. was doubling those rebates and discounts within Shop.Click.Drive.

We’ve never actually had someone click on this option on a NEW car before. All the cars we have sold thru Shop.Click.Drive have been used cars and those don’t get rebates from GM.

On our website the price was always correct. We understand that if you click on something on our website it is completely within logic to assume, it’s through us, Harry Robinson Buick GMC, and not taking you to an outside GM site. We take full responsibility for not knowing this before and we wholeheartedly apologize. Marty tried to get a hold of someone from Shop. Click. Drive this weekend to get the problem resolved and as soon as they were available this morning, he did so.

We did our very best to take care of the problem immediately & to keep our customer by giving them the very best deal we possibly could do, but unfortunately the customer was understandably upset, and we couldn’t convince them that it was an honest mistake.

Our finance guys are the one’s brushed up on their legal knowledge, as they have to keep certifications and take classes, etc..  I’m clearly not a master of the law, I know there are pricing laws, I now know that, thank God, if there’s an error, we have an opportunity to fix it once we’re aware.

I completely understand that if someone makes a mistake, it is a let down,  it’s disappointing, it’s  inconvenient, it may NOT be what you want to hear, it may cost us the sale (which in this case it did 🙁 ) but the long and short of it is, we made a mistake. We apologized to our lost customer & now we’re apologizing to you all, because we do everything possible to make the car buying experience the very best it can be. If you’ve followed us, you know we pride ourselves on doing what is right & we didn’t want to sweep anything under the rug. We had a blind spot, now it’s fixed. We all hope that no one lost faith in us this weekend & that we’ve been able to maintain your trust as we have worked through this issue.

We understand that when a customer has a bad experience they literally want to shout it from the mountain tops, we’ve all been there! We made a decision that even though the issue is fixed & (let’s pray) it will never happen again, that if we didn’t admit our fault in this matter and let y’all know that we fixed it and apologize it may hurt some of yall’s opinions of us and we didn’t’ want that.

I’ll stop rambling now. Thanks so much for lending me your ear, I really hope your opinion of us is intact and that you would still give us the opportunity to earn your business.

As always, all my best,







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