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This is an exciting announcement! We just received news that Harry Robinson, Harry Robinson Buick GMC has been selected as Arkansas Dealer of the Year for 2018 by the Arkansas Automobile Dealers Association (AADA). With this honor, Harry Robinson is Arkansas’ nominee for the prestigious Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award. Known to us as Time Dealer of the Year.

It is such a tremendous honor for him. We’re all so proud of him.
Harry Robinson started out as a new car sales person in 1970. In 1984, he moved his family to Fort Smith, AR and became the owner of Harry Robinson Pontiac Buick. He’s actively involved in the Arkansas Automobile Association. He’s served in many areas such as Chairman of the Board, Regional Vice – President for two 3-year terms, as a member of the Legislative Committee since 1987, and served on the Board of Directors as Membership Chairman an additional two years.  Harry is active with Dealers Interested In Government (DIG) in Arkansas Dealers Election Action Committee (DEAC) with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).


We will never know what all Harry does for this community because he will not tell us! The man loves Fort Smith and the River Valley and is super humble, which is an excellent quality, but it does make me have to play detective a lot. I find out something, but we will never know all of them. I guess that’s ok. 🙂

One thing Harry is proud of is being a Charter Member of the  University Rotary Club, and he was very excited to win Rotarian of the Year this June.  He’s served as president of the University Rotary Club 2010-2011. Harry serves his church, First Presbyterian Church as Elder and  Administrative Council Member. He’s on several boards and is a trustee for Community Services Clearinghouse.

Harry rarely misses an opportunity to support community events. He has to be out-of-town to miss one, and even then he will buy the table and give it away. He’s going to hate this blog post.
All I can say is when I think of Harry, I think of one of the most giving, caring people I’ve ever met. His love and devotion stretch from family to employees, and all through the community. He’s pretty dang awesome.
Not only do dealerships benefit the community by providing good paying jobs and generating sales tax revenue. HRBG is a local, growing, giving back dealership. We want to create customers for life by treating people the way we want our loved ones treated & doing what’s right. HRBG is always getting better, growing, learning, and thinking forward.

We get the best laugh around here because hotels will come in & give us discounts for when we have “corporate in.” An upset customer demanded that Renee, our general manager, give her the phone number to our “headquarters”, and Renee was like, “I can let you talk to my dad if you want”.😂  I say that to say this, when you buy, service, have body work done or buy parts from Harry Robinson Buick GMC, it’s not going back to another community, it’s staying in this one. We use the #HarrysHere because he’s here nearly every day, all day. You will find him thanking customers, washing cars, and putting in light bulbs or new computers. 🙂 Being a local company is why we’re able to sponsor our customer’s baseball teams and give to local charities. We use our community budget to support OUR foster kids, OUR students, teachers, veterans. I absolutely adore that aspect of working at HRBG.

The judging criteria for Time Quality Dealer of the Year range from customer service to training to ethics as well as service and contributions to the community. I’m biased, so I don’t need to point out that he’s gotta be a shoe in!
We were just notified today, and it won’t be until the end of March 2018 before Time Quality Dealer of the Year is announced.
I couldn’t wait to share the exciting news of being selected as the state winner. So, when you see Harry out, please give a shout of congratulations for being selected Arkansas Dealer of the Year 2018! 🎉





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