Gratitude Month: Renee Durham

It’s November, and around here we like to celebrate Gratitude. Throughout the month we will be sharing stories of gratitude from our team members.

Today we celebrate with Renee Durham. Renee is the general manager for Harry Robinson Buick GMC & Harry Robinson Sallisaw Ford.

I’m thankful God equipped us to deal with the difficult times. So many of our employees stepped up to cover for one another taking on additional responsibilities and working overtime. There wasn’t an industry that was protected from quarantine absences in 2021 including the automotive industry. I’m thankful for customers who were understanding when a definitive date could not be provided for the arrival of a vehicle or part. Fuses were short, tempers were elevated and words were not always kind in 2021. I’m thankful for our teams resilience, steadfast and thick skin. This isn’t how I typically write about being grateful, but let’s be honest the last two years were not typical. There were days when we had to remind others the automotive industry has been affected by a pandemic too.

2021 was a year of blessings at work and home. Witnessing team members cover for one another, clean alongside one another and check in on one another filled me with overwhelming gratitude. We sold, serviced and repaired a lot of vehicles and parts; but we also took care of one another in ways only a team member will ever experience. I’m thankful for our families health, the opportunity for our children to attend school, play sports and spend quality time together. We had the opportunity to travel with all of our children this year and spend some time at my favorite place, the lake. I’m looking forward to our November and December traditions and the opportunity to spend more time with family, friends and co-workers. Life is short… Be kind and love those who love you!


Renee Durham

Renee just celebrated her 25th anniversary with Harry Robinson Automotive Family. She has been awarded the Patriotic Employer Award, and was recognized as a Woman in Business Leader. Through her leadership our dealerships have become deeply involved in philanthropic efforts for education, fostering, and meeting the needs of children in our community. We are also leaders in the women in automotive community having high representation for women in every department & key leadership roles. I must mention also that for the past three years she has been a finalist for Best of the Best Boss in the Arkansas Oklahoma River Valley.

Please check back for more Gratitude posts from our team throughout the month of November.


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