Gratitude Month: Shlaine Locust

It’s November, and around here we like to celebrate Gratitude. Throughout the month we will be sharing stories of gratitude from our team members.

Today we celebrate with Shlaine. Shlaine is the office manager for Harry Robinson Sallisaw Ford in Oklahoma.

”What I’m thankful for”….

It has been a beautiful year.

My blessings have been endless in 2021.  I am so thankful for where God has placed me in this time of my life.  He has kept me through covid,  so many things were unknown in the past couple of years and for some I can understand the fear of the unknown but My God has kept me in Joy,  Peace,  Mercy and lots of Grace!  My children and grandchildren are all healthy,  and living blessed beyond measure lives. God has blessed me with a life partner that I love and I am loved by,  he is my best friend.  My employers are the best,  I always feel appreciated and wake up excited for what the day will bring with team members that I feel supported by.

One of the greatest blessings of the year was the restoration of the strained relationship that through the years for different reasons at different times I never really was able to experience with my mother.  Growing up as a little girl being raised by my dad I always missed spending time with my mom.  I lost my mom this year in June but the months before were such a blessing.   Knowing early on in the year that we had very little time left we began spending lunch together every day.  We became really close and God restored our relationship to that I had always wished for.  I am so thankful for God’s goodness,  he has blessed me with my most hearts desires.

Shlaine Locust

Shlaine is such an awesome & important part of our team. Her title is office manager, but she’s so much more. Shlaine is invaluable. She’s a hard worker, she’s kind & I’m so glad she’s on our team!

Please check back for more Gratitude posts from our team throughout the month of November.


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