How to Save Money and Keep Your Family Safe on the Road

A guest post by Daniel Sherwin.


When my first child was born, I wanted to put him in a bubble. From soft spots to sleep positions, there were so many things I worried about. But do you know what made me the most nervous? Driving him around in the car.

I am constantly worried, Is the car seat installed correctly? What should I do if my brakes fail or I have some other kind of mechanical issue while he’s in the car? Is the radio too loud? Should I give him his blanket, or is that a safety hazard?

I’ve written an article (see below) that includes driving safety and car maintenance tips for new parents that I believe would be very beneficial to your readers.

How to Save Money and Keep Your Family Safe on the Road

When you become a new parent, protecting your child is your number one priority. Unfortunately, the road can be a dangerous place, especially for distracted parents who are running on too little sleep. It’s even scarier when you think about the costs of car maintenance, unexpected repairs, and high insurance rates. Before you take your new baby out on the road, consider some of the following budget-friendly tips from the Harry Robinson Automotive Family to keep your family safe.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

As explains, maintaining your car is essential for saving money and protecting your family on the road. It’s much cheaper to replace worn car parts than it is to repair damage caused by failing mechanical systems. At the same time, keeping your tires properly inflated, following your recommended oil change schedule, and replacing your filters will help you boost your fuel economy and save money on gas. Regular upkeep is also essential for a safe, reliable ride.

Another important piece of maintenance is protecting your car. According to Firestone Complete Auto Care, the less your vehicle is exposed to the elements, the longer your rubber pieces, paint coating, and brakes will last. If your house doesn’t currently have a garage, you may want to seriously consider adding one so your vehicle is sheltered from the elements. Not only will it keep your car running longer, but it can also increase your home value—just make sure to keep documentation like before-and-after photos and receipts for work done.

Evaluate Your Car Insurance

This is a good time to evaluate your car insurance and consider additional coverage to protect your growing family. For example, a policy with roadside assistance can prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road if your car breaks down. 

Take some time to review your insurance policy. If it’s no longer meeting your needs, shop around for better coverage by comparing company ratings and looking for providers with a proven track record. Comparing different car insurance companies can help you find the best provider and rates for your coverage needs. That’s another great but often overlooked way to keep your family safe.

Practice Safe Cell Phone Use While Driving

Distracted driving with a cell phone is extremely dangerous. However, when you take care to practice cell phone safety, your phone can get where you need to go. For example, Lifewire notes that your GPS can improve driving safety in low-visibility conditions by revealing upcoming turns before you can see them.

Equip yourself with a reliable smartphone to run your GPS or other helpful apps while you’re out on the road. At the very least, a cell phone with long battery life is essential for emergencies. Options abound, and you can even find providers who let you trade in your old phone for a better deal on the new one.

Keep Your Kids Entertained

Driving with young children in the backseat can be just as distracting as talking on your phone. If you need to tend to your child, pull over first. Before heading out, give your child things to keep them busy, like coloring books and toys. Another idea is to put on an engaging audiobook. This can also keep you alert on drowsy mornings, and you can save money on audiobooks by reserving them from your local library.

Start Great Car Safety Practices Now

Believe it or not, having a baby is an ideal time to perfect your safe driving habits. Remember that your child will learn through your actions. As your little one grows older, they’ll see you as a role model behind the wheel and will likely pick up similar driving habits – habits that can keep them safe when it comes time for them to venture out alone. Keep up with vehicle maintenance, evaluate your car insurance, and practice safe driving at all times.

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