New Transportation Laws: A Recap of Arkansas’ 2023 Legislative Session

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In the most recent legislative session, the Arkansas General Assembly took significant steps to address various transportation-related issues, making impactful changes to our state’s laws. From distracted driving to vehicle registration, these new laws cover a wide range of topics. This blog post provides an overview of key acts signed this year and their implications for Arkansas residents.

Act 41: Extending Vehicle Registration Period

Effective August 1, 2023, Act 41 extends the time period for registering a motor vehicle from 30 days to 60 days from the purchase date or when an individual becomes an Arkansas resident. This change offers vehicle owners additional time to complete registration requirements without penalties.

Act 445: Strengthening Laws Against Distracted Driving

Act 445 aims to tackle the dangers of distracted driving by increasing penalties for those causing accidents resulting in serious physical injury or death. Convicted drivers are now guilty of a Class A misdemeanor and may be ordered to complete up to 100 hours of public service work in addition to other penalties.

Act 396: Restricted Driving Permits Limitation

For those on probation or parole, Act 396 limits the validity of restricted driving permits to one year from the date of issuance.

Act 94: Amendments to Truck Platooning Systems

Act 94 introduces amendments to the law concerning truck platooning systems, aiming to improve efficiency and safety in commercial trucking operations.

Act 50: Repealing the Unattended Running Vehicle Law

Act 50 repeals a law that previously prohibited leaving a running vehicle unattended, offering greater convenience for vehicle owners.

Act 261: Digitized Driver’s License Option

Act 261 mandates the Department of Finance and Administration to offer drivers the option of a digitized driver’s license by February 2025. A digitized license may be accepted for all state purposes, but acceptance by public or private entities remains voluntary.

Act 264: Catalytic Converter Theft Classified as Felony

Act 264 classifies the theft of a catalytic converter as a Class C felony, addressing concerns related to unauthorized possession of these components.

Act 211: Revenue Distribution for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Act 211 allows the distribution of revenues from additional registration fees for electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles under the Arkansas Highway Revenue Distribution Law.

Act 714: Impounding Vehicles for Repeat Drag Racing Offenses

Act 714 empowers law enforcement to impound vehicles if the driver commits the offense of drag racing on a public highway for a second time within a five-year period.

Arkansas’ 2023 legislative session witnessed significant changes to transportation laws, impacting everything from distracted driving to vehicle registration. The new laws aim to enhance safety, convenience, and compliance on our roads. As responsible residents, staying informed about these changes is crucial to ensure a smooth driving experience while abiding by the updated regulations.
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