BTWednesday: Autocheck Reports

We now have a new website provider, so I wanted to be sure to let everyone know that we still provide an Autocheck report for every used vehicle on our lot. The screenshots below point out the button’s location on the new website, clickable on the search results page (top photo) & on the vehicle’s detail page.… Read More BTWednesday: Autocheck Reports

Arkansas Body Shop Files Case for CarFax Reporting Issues…

An Arkansas Body Shop has filed a case with the Attorney General over Carfax reporting issues. Carfax has long used its advertising dollars to convince the consumer that car dealers are out to get you, and the way to combat us from taking advantage of you is the Carfax. The problem with this and the… Read More Arkansas Body Shop Files Case for CarFax Reporting Issues…

Why We Switched to AutoCheck

Hey yall. 🙂 We have switched from linking our vehicles to Carfax reports to AutoCheck. I’ll tell you why & how this benefits you. First of all, if you’ve followed my blog for long, you know I’ve not been a huge fan of Carfax. The most prominent reason for this lack of fan-girl status for… Read More Why We Switched to AutoCheck

Show Me The Car Facts

Below I have pasted an article I wrote back in 2012. I hope you read through it & read my additional thoughts at the end. 🙂 But first, see the graphic? I see these all the time, and it REALLY should be noted that the carfax is NOT free! Let’s kick off with that. :/ Here’s the… Read More Show Me The Car Facts

Fort Smith: Free Gas Friday

Happy Free Gas Friday! We were about to give up. We went everywhere looking for the owner the Dodge Caravan. Finally, we found Stacy! She loves the minivan she bought at Harry Robinson’s & was super excited to win some free gas. We are so thankful to have awesome customers like Stacy!   If you are… Read More Fort Smith: Free Gas Friday

Free Carfax-ANY Vehicle

UPDATE: As of 9/1/2016 We no longer offer CarFax service. We now offer AutoCheck services and would be happy to offer a free Autocheck report for any vehicle. Thanks! –Cathy  I’m happy to announce that for the next year we will run a Free Carfax on any vehicle for all Fort Smith & River Valley… Read More Free Carfax-ANY Vehicle