Why We Switched to AutoCheck

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We have switched from linking our vehicles to Carfax reports to AutoCheck. I’ll tell you why & how this benefits you. First of all, if you’ve followed my blog for long, you know I’ve not been a huge fan of Carfax. The most prominent reason for this lack of fan-girl status for Carfax is rooted in two evils. One: The way they have historically perpetrated mistrust between the dealer and our customer…Hate that! Two: Carfax tells you they’re free and meanwhile charge dealers thousands & thousands of dollars a month for them. So, basically, Carfax tells the consumer demand a Carfax, and if the dealer doesn’t give you one for free then the dealer has something to hide. Never mentions, it’s in fact not free, nor the little pesky fact that it’s information is partial at best. And to be perfectly honest, the reps we’ve had in the past didn’t want to be bothered to come to Fort Smith. That’s really besides the point, except for the fact that having a great rep can overcome a lot. Not that much, but you know. 🙂

Ok, here’s the link to my carfax blog. If you’re a curious reader like I am…you’ll be entertained for minutes! 🙂

AutoCheck is an Experian company and therefore generally well accepted & trusted. AutoCheck is an automotive vehicle history report similar to CarFax. Unlike Carfax, it also includes auction data which can influence the value of a car. Both AutoCheck & Carfax have DMV title & registration info & some accident information. It can be said for all vehicle history reports they can not always be 100% accurate and they tell you that…in the fine print.

“CARFAX does not have the complete history of every vehicle.
A CARFAX Vehicle History Report is based only on information supplied to CARFAX.”
Quote by-CarFax
via CarFax website.

“AutoCheck may not provide information on every accident in which a vehicle may have been involved.”
Quote by AutoCheck via their website.


The AutoCheck Score is a patented, exclusive tool used by Autocheck to give a vehicle a True Market Value. The AutoCheck Score is an easy to understand analysis of how the vehicle history impacts it’s current market value. Each score is between 1 & 99 and also includes an average or range of scores for similar age and class vehicles.

As mentioned in the video, AutoCheck also has a vehicle buyback protection plan. Follow the link for more details, there is a pretty specific list of what is and is not covered. I don’t have the experience of knowing anyone having dealt with their buyback protection,  if it’s anything like the Carfax plan, it’s difficult to get them to buy your car back.

As far as vehicle history reports go AutoCheck is an awesome alternative to CarFax. I am overjoyed about working with a history reporting company who doesn’t intentionally advertise to influence people to think I’m a crook. I’m serious about integrity & rather sensitive about people who make accusations about my integrity, whether those accusations are bold & direct or just someone throwing a little shade. I’d rather not be associated. Joyfully, I no longer have to be! 🙂

So, from now on all Used inventory on HarryRobinson.com will have a AutoCheck report automatically attached to it & if there’s a vehicle you would like to get a report for, but can’t for whatever reason just email me cathyn@harryrobinson.com with the VIN and I’ll be happy to send you a copy. Yes, even if it’s not ours & you don’t plan to buy from us, because no one wants a crappy car if it can be avoided.

Thanks for your time. You’re awesome, as always.
Cathy Nesbit


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