Answering Your Car Buying & Auto Technology Questions

A YouTube series of educational and fun videos in the auto industry.

A while back when Jon was our BDC manager & the legendary GMC Go to Guy he created HRBG-TV. His series started off with a bang, then BAM he got promoted to Finance Manager. At that time, with all the changes going on, it went to the back burner…cooking slowly, but not forgotten. 🙂

Last week, we started the revival. Alexis Durham, Nijah Dyer both dedicated delivery coordinators, along with Jon are once again making educational and fun videos. Jon will now be answering questions about the entire buying process. So if you have questions about your vehicle’s technology or any questions pertaining to shopping or purchasing a vehicle please just email me ( and I’ll get them answered for you.

Check out our first, new video. Alexis shows us how to manage our favorites on GMC Yukon, Sierra & Canyon.


I’m excited. 🙂 Seriously, if you have a question, ask. If you can’t figure out how to pair your phone to your new car or you don’t know what to bring when you buy a car, just ask, you’re not alone. Don’t forget to check out our other video series, #FreeGasFriday and #TestDriveTuesday are among our favorites. Free Gas Friday’s always a hit because…you could be next week’s lucky winner of $50 in free gas!! *in my Marty voice. 🙂  Thanks for being awesome! Stay Classy 😉


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