How Can We Help?

How can we help? That is the question for the ages. It will either elicit a response or scare you away.
When someone asks how can I help do you think they are being sincere or are they just giving you “lip service”.
Is there a better way for it to be said? What if I said “I can help you”, would you be more likely to trust me. Would the added confidence in me knowing that I CAN, rather than asking if I can, change your opinion?
After fourteen years in the service of selling cars I don’t get stumped too often. It is rare that when asked for help that I can’t develop a solution to the need.
Take that experience and combine it with the experience of all the people in this building I would be willing to bet that there would be no lack of help for the everyday need for transportation.
Because that is exactly what we provide….

Noel Harvey has lived in the Fort Smith area his whole life. He graduated from Southside High school in 19…. Let’s just say a long time ago. He has been blessed with a strong family that all live in the area and has strong roots with the community. When not selling cars he enjoys a round of golf. He also loves singing to a crowd of just his wife and kids or as many that will listen. He wants to let all his friends know to come see him and just say “Hi”.

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