So Here’s What Happened…

It was time to vote for employee of the month for March, the nominations came in, the people voted…it was me. That’s kind of awkward to write about so I’ll do this…It’s awesome! I’m so proud! I was going to write a thank you speech, but then thought someone’s going to think I’m serious so I thought better of it. Here were the nominations, these folks are uber awesome & all deserve to be recognized.

  1. Lacey Becker, Business Office-I nominate Lacey Becker!  She is always willing to do whatever we ask of her no matter the task.  Lacey also keeps us all informed about things going on with our team and customers.  She is always listening to make sure we congratulate or console someone.  Thank you for being dependable, a team play and an asset to HRBG!
  2. Theresa Couch-Business Office– I will nominate Theresa Couch! She stays very organized and is always on top of things. She could easily be a nomination every month as well because of her consistency in perfection. Our communication is pretty good and she hasn’t been on my (redacted…”booty” 🙂 )quite as much as usual so that means she has made me better at what I do as well.
  3. Jeremy Lensing-Service-Jeremy works very hard to keep the service dept operating smoothly. He also goes beyond customers expectations to make sure they are taken care of with any concerns they have about their vehicle. He is always there to step in when the time for a manager’s presence is required.
  4. Mart Hurst-Sales-I nominate Mart Hurst. Mart has the same vision for the future of this dealership as all of us managers. He is under constant pressure from us to perform at a much higher level than most. We expect more from him because he is capable of great things. We asked him to raise his game this month when we needed him the most and he did that. He took constructive criticism right on the chin and stepped up and made things happen in a positive way. He worked longer hours and even volunteered on a Sunday. He took time away from his family at home to help his family here achieve what we needed too. And for that I greatly appreciate him.
  5. Cathy Nesbit-Social Media-My nomination for employee of the month is Cathy Nesbit. The foundation of our dealership is its people and them wanting to be here. Cathy is the person that goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and like part of our team. She has showed continual growth in her dept and has been recognized more nationally than internally. She is always here with a great attitude (after her coffee) and makes this dealership the place to work thru her efforts of bringing us all together. There is no way this dealership would be growing the way it has without Cathy and her nerdness.
  6. Derek Creekmore-Sales-I nominate Derek Creekmore he has really grown as a sales associate and has been in the top 3 to 4 every month.
  7. Shaq Goodman-Detail– Shaq!  I feel like he has always done a good job and is always willing to help no matter if it’s for his department or not.

As you can see, we are very corporate & void of all humanity when we do things…yeah JK..that’s not us! We’re real people who like to have fun, work hard & make life long happy friends (customers & coworkers). I’m proud to be part of this awesome team & I’m super excited to have gotten employee of the month! 🙂

OH, this is a great time to mention…

We have hired the rental car agent..She is actually who we call the VIP Concierge because she takes care of the transportation needs of our service customers & she also keeps an eye out for you to trade your vehicle in at the perfect time to get good value for your trade & a great payment on your upgrade! The most exciting thing about our new hire is that it’s CHELSEY!!! Chelsey moved away awhile back and couldn’t work here, but now she’s back at the perfect time. We are so happy she moved back home!

Also, Here’s some local gas prices:
apr 16 2015

and as always please let us know if you have any car buying questions or want to schedule a test drive. 479-289-5418 (call/text) or
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Tomorrow is #FreeGasFriday!!

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