Happy Day!

Today we have a lot to celebrate. It’s Harry’s birthday which is super exciting. Happy Birthday Harry!!!

We also have two graduating UAFS tomorrow! Exciting!! Congratulations to Xavier & Eddie.

Xavier played on the UAFS Lions basketball team. Here he is in action (stolen from his facebook 🙂 ) 1401394_1390810731155493_1111360830_o

Also, Eddie has been working so hard to finish his Bachelors of Applied Science degree, and last night he passed his final final!! We are so excited for Eddie & extremely proud of him. He’s worked so hard. Here’s him at lunch….FullSizeRender

We just want to say we are super proud of these guys! Congratulations! Eddie, we’re glad you’re gonna be sticking around.  X is moving back to his hometown & will be leaving us soon. 🙁 We will miss you! You’re going to be a great teacher!

Have a great weekend & kiss your Moma! If you don’t have a Moma find a Moma & kiss her! Tell her you wish her the very best Mother’s Day & you just wanted a Moma to kiss. Any Moma would love a Mother’s Day wish. 🙂

Head on over to facebook to see today’s #FreeGasFriday video & learn how you can win!


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