Useful and Cool: Finding the Right Gift for the Car Lover on Your List

Useful and Cool: Finding the Right Gift for the Car Lover on Your List

Car lovers are very picky about what goes into their vehicles, and it’s likely that they already have most of what they need and desire. That means Christmas gift shoppers have to be more diligent about doing their homework and learning what’s new, useful and cool this year, something that even the most discriminating car owner may yet to have purchased. One more set of towels or sponges and a pair of fuzzy dice probably won’t “move the meter” for them. If you’re lucky enough to have another car enthusiast to ask about promising gift possibilities, try running a few of the following ideas past him or her.

Dash camera

Drivers can’t be too prepared when it comes to things like auto accidents and the insurance headaches that go along with them. That’s why a dash camera makes such a useful gift idea for the car lover on your list. Even the most innocuous fender bender can lead to months of charges and counter-charges. Without clear evidence, you can wind up holding the bag even if the other driver was at fault, since most people are unlikely to admit to being in the wrong unless there’s clear evidence or an eye witness (also hard to come by). For less than $50, you can give your loved one a dash cam, a technology capable of proving their innocence and saving them a ton of money in damages and elevated car insurance premiums.

A clean, well-organized garage

Most car lovers love cars because they enjoy tinkering with them, doing anything they can to improve their performance. A cleared-out garage space with enough space to change the oil, the plugs, replace brake pads and more is one of the best gifts you can give. An auto enthusiast loves having a full supply of well-organized tools within easy reach.

Cleaning out a garage can be a time-consuming endeavor, and with less than a month to go before Christmas, there may not be enough time, especially if there’s a lot of stuff to move out of the way and dispose of. If so, consider renting a storage facility until after the holidays. It’s an affordable and convenient option – the average cost of a storage facility in Fort. Smith, Arkansas, over the past 6 months cost just $68.39.

Personalized keychain

Car enthusiasts love things that make a personal statement, something that identifies a hot ride as theirs and theirs alone. This year, how about something practical that makes a personal statement in a classy and appealing way? You can find a leather keychain with your name on it for under  $10. It’ll be an upgrade from the usual cheap rings or sports-related chains that don’t hold up under wear and tear for very long.

A leather keychain looks nice, is durable and can’t be broken if your friend has lousy aim, routinely misses the kitchen table and ends up dumping it on the kitchen floor. While you’re at it, you can also address your friend’s tendency to lose his car keys by including an automatic key finder, a small electronic device that interacts with an app on your smartphone and makes it easy to find your keys when they end up behind the couch or under the microwave.

Driving togs

If you’ve ever driven a car with a freshly-polished pair of dress shoes, you know how quickly they can become scuffed and in need of a good shine and buff. Accelerator and brake pedals can do a surprising amount of damage, not to mention the wear and tear caused by nature. This Christmas, give your friend a pair of driving moccasins so he can drive in comfort and not worry about damaging shoes or causing an accident by trying to kick off his dress shoes while sitting in traffic. A really nice pair can run you as much as $200, but an hour or two on Etsy or Ebay may yield a perfectly acceptable pair for considerably less.

Cassette Bluetooth adapter

Many classic car owners are proud to maintain all the original components, including an 8-track or standard cassette player. Your friend can sync up with your smartphone and play music and allow for hands-free calling through an adapter that connects to the radio in the form of a cassette tape.

This Christmas, give the gearhead in your circle useful gifts that makes motoring even more enjoyable. There’s a lot to choose from, but it may be hard to know what he already owns, so be discriminating as your put your shopping list together.

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