Harry Robinson Buick GMC VIP Employee of the Month

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

Being nominated is an honor; winning is awesome!

I’m talking about being a VIP Employee of the month. We don’t use VIP’s usual interpretation, we call ourselves Valuable, Inspiring, Positive employees. Our motto being: It’s up to everyone to create a positive culture.

Speaking from a coworker standpoint, I believe we have a real family environment here. A lot of the people here are family, but everyone is treated as such.

Every month I send out an email asking for nominations for Employee of the Month.
The following is included in the email:

Attitude and Commitment

  • Dedicated to fulfilling job responsibilities
  • Demonstrates good customer service skills
  • Consistently dependable and is punctual in reporting to work
  • Active involvement in committees, fund-raisers, fairs, trainings, and other miscellaneous activities
  • Serves as a role model to others
  • Goes above and beyond the requirements of the job

Interpersonal Skills

  • Displays a helpful, cooperative and positive attitude towards superiors and co-workers
  • Consistently friendly and available to others
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities.  
  • Has a team player attitude
  • Voluntarily assists co-workers in order to complete important department projects

Work Performance

  • Knowledgeable
  • High overall quality of performance
  • Accurately completes work assignments on time
  • Controls high stress situations tactfully and calmly
  • Takes initiative
  • Requires little supervision
  • Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities
  • Ability to train others and gladly willing to do so

Personal Traits

  • Maintains an appropriate and neat personal appearance and dress
  • Professional demeanor
  • Conscientious, honest, hard-working
  • Integrity, on and off the job

ü  Previous winners of these awards will not be eligible for nomination for the remainder of the year.

Nominators should keep in mind the judging criteria and write the nomination accordingly.  When asked why a co-worker is deserving of the award, elaborate on your response; give specific examples; Attempt to reveal in words how your co-worker met each of the criteria.

We have awesome employees so if we didn’t have such strict guidelines, everyone would be employee of the month every month. That’s why you don’t see things like shows up on time or does job duties. We wanted to give something special to those who go above and beyond. We’re super blesses here to be surrounded by so many awesome overachievers! I love it!

Every month, we nominate, and we vote. Every year, the monthly winners are included in another round of voting for Employee of the Year!
All of the EOM’s get an employee of the month shirt, front row parking for the month, a migrating trophy & a goodie bag worth about $100 which is individual to the liking of the winner.
Employee’s of the year, which we’ve had 2 and runner up so far, since we implemented the VIP EOM program in Jan of 2015, have recieved 2nd row parking for a year, plus well, let’s see, these are very individual gifts as well, a trip to Grand Cayman for one winner, a trip to Sniper school (yes that’s right 🙂 ) for one winner, and since the race was so close one year we also gave a runner up prize which was a trip to Big Cedar.

Without further ado, here’s the list of our winners, starting with the most recent.

Mason McCullough, body shop parts manager with body shop manager, Steven Johnson
Michael Asiz, BDC Appointment Specialist pictured with our sales team and BDC Manager, Saralinna Wilson
Jarrod Keith (right), Body Shop Technician with Steven Johnson, Body Shop Manager
Angela Henry, Accounts Payable Clerk pictured with Harry Robinson.

David Thurman, Parts Advisor pictured with Tony Moss, fixed ops manager and Harry Robinson.

Michelle Durham, Admin with (L to R): Angela (accounts payable), Tamie (title clerk), Michelle (admin), Theresa (office manager), Kamryn (title clerk), and Bailey (warranty clerk)
Adriana Burton, Dedicated Delivery Coordinator with Scott Durham, General Sales Manager and James Durham, Finance Manager
Hunter Means, Assistant Service Advisor with Service Manager, Amanda Mendenhall
2022 EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR, Leona Jester (payroll and HR) pictured with some of her adoring fans 🙂
Robert Neilson, Service Advisor with Service Manager, Amanda Mendenhall
New Car Manager, Chris Wilson
Sales Manager, Joey Thomas
Cache Salyers, service detail pictured with service manager, Amanda Mendenhall and dispatcher, Randy Jones
Chico Gonzales, sales consultant pictured with sales managers, Joey Thomas and Adam Archer
Hunter Means, service advisor pictured with Amanda Mendenhall, service manager.

Robert Hiatt, Internal Technician pictured with Harry Robinson and service manager, Amanda Mendenhall

Leona Jester, Human Resources pictured with Harry
Lizette Torres, BDC Appointment Specialist pictured with her team, Alize & Alexis J, her manager Saralinna & internet manager, Marty.
Misti Dodd, sales consultant pictured with Harry Robinson
Quentin Bradshaw, Maintenance Supervisor pictured with Service Manager, Amanda
Joey Thomas, Sales Manager pictured with Harry Robinson
Adriana Burton, Dedicated Delivery Coordinator
Alexis Brown, Customer Experience Manager
Leona Jester, Human Resources & Payroll
Skip Hill, Finance Director pictured with his son Seth, sales consultant
Hunter Means. Service Advisor
Terry Erwin, Parts

zach eomZach Meadows, Detail Manager

Bailey Chronister, Service BDC Appointment Coordinator

Joey Thomas, Sales Manager

Eric Flores, Sales Consultant

Charlie Little, Parts Porter

Wayne Horne, Technician

Randy Jones, 2020 EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR!!!

Johnny Durham,Sales Consultant

Scott Durham, General Sales Manager

Randy Jones, Assistant Service Manager

Angela Henry, Accounts Payable

Leona Jester, Human Resources & Payroll Clerk

Ryan Allen, Body Shop Estimator

Alexis Brown, Customer Experience Manager

Trey Creekmore, Sales Consultant

James Durham, Sales Consultant

Saralinna Wilson, BDC Manager

Joey Thomas, Sales Manager

Rodney Jackson, Sales Consultant

Tamie Childers, Title Clerk

Greg Seal, Body Shop Manager

David Thurman, Parts Consultant

Quentin Bradshaw, Maintenance Tech

Zach Meadows, Lot Manager

Rick Stoufer, Shop Foreman

Seth Hill, Sales Consultant

Skip Hill, Finance Director

Jon Schumacher, Finance Manager

Alexis Durham Brown, Customer Experience Manager

Saralinna Wilson, Dedicated Delivery Coordinator

Brian “Ginger” Godbey, Internal Service Writer

2018 VIP Employee of the Year, Theresa Couch, Office Manager

Pam Thompson, Sales Consultant

Cameron Selby, Service Advisor

Yalanda James, Receptionist

Adriana Burton, Dedicated Delivery Coordinator

Michelle Durham, Receptionist

Leona Jester, Payroll Clerk & HR

Alexis Durham, Customer Experience Manager

Cathy Nesbit, Social Media Director

Jose Dabdub, Sales Consultant

Chris Wilson, New Car Manager

Theresa Couch, Office Manager

Joey Thomas, Sales Manager
Jackie Black, Finance Manager
Jon Schumacher, Finance Manager
employee of the month hrbg
Angela Henry, Accounts Payable & Warranty Clerk

Skip Hill, Finance Director

Keith Estep, Fixed Ops Manager. He’s only been with us a short while, and is an invaluable asset to the team.

Pam Thompson, Sales Consultant & 2nd time winner!
cathy nesbit eom arkansas
Cathy Nesbit, (me 🙂 ) Social Media Director & also proudly a 2-time EOM award recipient.

Marty Phillips, Internet Manager and two time winner. 🙂

Tamie Childers, Title Clerk Tamie’s a pro, she’s won every year!
Cameron Selby, Service Advisor
Jack Dean, Sales Consultant
Scott Durham, General Sales Manager
Harry with Employee of the Year runner up, Annie & winner, Mike (Body Shop Manager)
Grant Schaper, Body Shop Parts Manager
Leona Jester, Payroll & HR Specialist
Polly Crable, Executive Assistant
Mike Tisevich, Body Shop Manager
Michelle Stokes, Body Shop Administrative Assistant
Adam Archer, Sales Manager
Dustin Baugh, Body Shop, Estimator
Tamie Childers, Title Clerk
Dj, Darrien Jones
Annie Cates
Alexis Durham, Dedicated Delivery Coordinator
Marty Phillips, Internet Manager
2015 Employee of Year, Joey Thomas, Sales Manager
Drew Waack
Justin McConnell, Body Shop Technician
James Clinton, Body Shop Detail
Pam Thompson, Sales Consultant
Ricky Mars, Internal Service Technician
Lacey Becker, Administrative Assistant
Tamie Childers, Title Clerk
Mike Tisevich, Body Shop Manager
Theresa Couch, Office Manager
Cathy Nesbit (me), Social Media Director
Joey Thomas, Sales Manager
Randy Jones, Service Advisor

Randy was our very first Valuable, Inspiring, Positive Employee of the Month. Many of these guys have been nominated many, many times. Some of these guys have been promoted, and some multiple times. All of these employees, save for 2 are still here at Harry Robinson Buick GMC. One, Drew, got a degree and has gone to be a mortgage loan officer at United Federal Credit Union. All of these guys are valuable, inspiring, positive, and help to create a positive culture. These are guys you WANT to work with, these are a group of people who really help each other to make everyone better.

And, that’s the story of our Harry Robinson Buick GMC VIP (Valuable, Inspiring, Positive) Employee of the Month. 🙂


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