Gratitude Month: Saralinna Wilson

It’s November, and around here we like to celebrate Gratitude. Throughout the month we will be sharing stories of gratitude from our team members.

🍂Today we celebrate with Saralinna. Saralinna is the BDC Manager for Harry Robinson Automotive Family.

🍂Some may or may not know this but my siblings and I didn’t use to have the best relationship with one another because we really didn’t get the chance to know one another. Most of us were separated from each other at a young age when our parents got divorced in 1993. Some stayed with my father, some stayed with mom, and unfortunately some were sent off to stay with our uncle. Last year, we all came together and started spending more time together any chance we got. This year, we’ve gotten so much closer and closer and I guess it’s better late than never. This year, I am thankful for that chance in life. -Saralinna Wilson

*Saralinna has been voted employee of the month, and has led her department to many record-breaking months. She has the pleasure of working closely with her husband, our new car manager.

Please check back for more Gratitude posts from our team throughout the month of November.


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