Gratitude Month: Cathy Creekmore

🍂It’s November, and around here we like to celebrate Gratitude. Throughout the month we will be sharing stories of gratitude from our team members.

🍂Today we celebrate with me 🙂 , Cathy Creekmore. I am the social media director for Harry Robinson Automotive Family I’m doing mine today so I can say HBD Marine Corps!! And, my grandbaby is visiting so I’m all feely today

🙂🍂Getting married, buying a home, and becoming a grandparent is quite a highlight reel; it’s been my year! 2021 has been kind to me. I have an awesome job that I love & a work family that is truly family. My parents are healthy & able to enjoy life. I got to travel to places I’ve never been and had countless joyous visits, brunches, card nights & events. There’s so much to be grateful for. This Thanksgiving, I will celebrate in gratitude for the love I have received & for all the love I have to give. The welcome I’ve received from my husband’s family has been overwhelmingly warm. The term overjoyed would qualify as an understatement that God blessed my life with two of His BEST creations when he added Jace & Jayla to my life. The mother of my grandbaby is an absolute powerhouse of a woman enduring pregnancy alone for the good of our nation as her husband serves our country as an Army Officer. This Thanksgiving, I will long for the presence of my son, knowing that he will be giving thanks alone in service to our country as a Marine. My “baby” isn’t a baby anymore & my heart bursts with pride as he navigates his dreams with diligence & dedication while still remembering to have fun. I’m grateful that my granddaughter will celebrate her first Thanksgiving surrounded with love. And finally, I’m over the moon to celebrate with my life partner & husband, Trey. God deserves a LOT of gratitude for being so, so good to me.

I’ve been with HRBG since 2010! I have been honored by being voted employee of the month several times, and I have the wonderful pleasure of working with my husband, Trey, who is a sales consultant. <3

Please check back for more Gratitude posts from our team throughout the month of November.


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