HRBG is hiring 2 Sales Consultants

Hiring! Send resume to scottd@harryrobinson.comWe’re hiring 2 sales staff members. I decided to make a little picture that says a little about who we are because if you’re job hunting it’s good to know where you may end up, right? We are people who care about our customers and our community, we are smiley people, friendly folks, we’re professional and fun. It’s important to all of us that we do the right thing. Yes, no one is perfect, we are all just humans like you, we do our very best to be the very best. We don’t just go to work here we represent HRBG & we are family. We prefer to be around people who are like-minded, hard-working people. Don’t get me wrong we are creative thinkers & share ideas for growing and getting better, but we don’t care for drama or shadiness. Idea sharing, hard work, and customer service have helped us become the fastest growing dealership in Arkansas. We’ve earned several awards for customer service including the Women’s Choice Award, 3 yrs running & Dealer of the Year from DealerRater. We have a reputation to uphold & we are passionate about upholding that reputation. So..if you don’t like people or you think women are inferior you need not apply. 🙂

If you rise to shine, are hard-working, love customers & like to sale please send Scott a short video telling him why you would like to come work with us & why he should consider you.

We have great benefits & a LOT of extra things done for us throughout the year. We eat good, we get surprises in the mail, we have a great employee of the month program. They’re really good to us here. I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

We would love to hear from you! Scott’s email is

To learn more about us check out our facebook page, our about us page,  search this blog and if you’re really curious you can google us. 🙂 Also, here’s a blog I wrote previously about how I feel personally about our sales staff..(I love ’em). The Secret Life of a Car Salesman.


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